It’s a funny day today.  My four yeard twins ar at preschool and I am finding myself in the house watching truly ridiculous television.  I happen upon a show  called “Lady Boys”….Interesting as they ladyboys are amazingly beautiful.  But, there is the small issue off the the penis.  According to  this docudrama 100’s of British men flock to Bankok to meet these stunning “women” with hopes off marriage.  Not completely suprised really as I have never felt the average British male to be the poster child of manliness.  Could be the accent or maybe my own racist views…lol  But, with all of the beautiful women this country has on offer, who by the way for the most part are penis free and very much available, why on earth are men traveling to the other side of the globe to line up for a relationship with although beautiful a perveyer of the penis.  Surely, this is going to be an issue at some point, is it not.  A further reason why I will never understand men and always class them as second sex, in a silent tribute to Simone de Beauvoir…Is a beautiful body all that matters in the mind of the average male?

Nevermind, I digress…today is almost  exclusively crap!!  Noo money, no  amdition, and no desire to move from my sofa. It would seem the decision to start this ranting crazy blog was to have more impact on those closest to me than I could have imagined.  It’s not doing to stop me, but none the less a big dose of catholic guilt is ebbing away at me.  Luckily it means I will fight harder.  I have been beaten down in s many ways it’s time to make a change.  Some really big ones are in the cards.  It is just unfortunate that it has takenme so long to find my mojo….The Genie is out of the bottle and I have no intenton of putting her back in…This life the good, the bad and the down right ugly…  


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