Journey into Blogging and Branding!!

I had started blogging a little over a year ago.  But, for reasons I wrote about in another post I had to stop.  I attended Antonia Mariconda, “The Cosmedic Coach” Build a Blog Workshop in hopes it would help me resurrect my fledgling blog.

As a follower of Antonia, I knew it would be fabulous and certainly be a lovely day out.  But, it was so much more than that.  The venue was amazing!  I was welcomed into the Workshop and felt instantly at home with the other attendees.  I go to workshops regularly and find they are often over formal and stuffy.  This was the complete opposite.  There were opportunities for questions throughout and everyone was made to feel important whether they were a seasoned pro or just starting out.   It was not just about telling you how, it was about the encouragement and support.  I think we all left feeling like we could do anything.  The positivity and genuine support I felt from Antonia helped me not only understand the mechanics of being successful.  But, I left feeling spiritually uplifted by the positive energy that she and her colleagues exuded.

I had not been much of a Twitter user prior to the workshop so was a bit sceptical.   I had an account, but only a few followers and had pretty much given up on it.  I mean who wants to know about my mundane coming and goings anyway, right?  However, because I trust the advice Antonia was giving I applied it and have been overwhelmed with how my following has increased as well as the interest in my story and opinion.  I will be first in the door for the next workshop focusing on Twitter as I predict an explosion!

Now, lets talk about the Goody Bag!!!  I don’t know how else to describe it other than it was like being handed a bag of “fabulous”,  If you believe fabulous is a tangible thing you can hold in your hand (which I clearly do).  Every single thing was amazing.  It is now a good couple of weeks since the workshop and I still have not tried everything.  But, it’s not about the “stuff” ultimately.  What I took away from the day cannot be carried around in a bag.


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