Resurrection Part 1

So, here we go again. I have missed you!! Let me explain. Last year just as everything was getting very meaty here, something beyond crazy happened. A friend from Facebook who I confided in about how unhappy I was in my horrible melted body gave me information that would change my life. You see after all the weight loss following 30 plus years of super obesity had taken it’s toll on my whole body. To the outsider I probably looked slim and trim. But, within my clothes was a horrible secret. My body looked as if someone had deflated a fat person. Hanging horrible skin that looked almost supernatural is what I saw. In my eyes, I was a monster, truly something for a medical journal for students to study about the horrible punishment of allowing my body to become so obese. I felt my skin was my prison, my crime being gluttony. I know this may seem over dramatic, but the truth was I knew what I was doing to myself all those years. I felt out of control, food was my friend and arch nemesis.
But, I digress; my lovely friend told me there was a television program casting people who had an embarrassing problem that only surgery could fix. She encouraged me to apply; it seemed like the Golden Ticket!! Surely, I would not be lucky enough to be chosen?? I spoke to a producer who invited me to Birmingham for a “test filming”. I had to take all my clothes off and be filmed whilst they interviewed me. It was awful as even alone I was rarely without some sort of protective layer to hide the shame of my sagging skin. But, the promise of a Golden Ticket was too much. I did it!! My interview would be cut down, edited and sent to The Discovery Channel to see what they thought. About a week later I heard! They loved me! What this meant is that I would be invited to the next stage. The consultation with the surgeon! Everything was moving so fast and due to the nature of the media I was asked not to disclose too much information about what was happening until the programme was actually aired. This was a nightmare for someone like me. I am an open book and love a bit of social media!!
As I sat on the train from London to York I felt like I was in a bubble. Could I really be so lucky? Would the surgeon think I was “fixable”? Mr Paul Baguley, the man who would ultimately change my life greeted me. He was amazing and made me feel like a princess. He said I was the worst case he’d ever seen. But, through extreme plastic surgery, felt he could help me. But, could he?


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