How do you un “slap” a face?

As someone who wears a ridiculous amount of make-up it is really important to find a product that does a thorough job. I find most products do a good job, but, not great. Mostly what I find is that they are good for either eye make-up or foundation, but not necessarily both. The ones that can manage my drag queen grade foundation burn my eyes. The ones that take care of my eyes are generally not strong enough to thoroughly clean my skin. Being a super busy Mum I need products that do the whole job.
I was asked to review a product called Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Crème. The packaging is simple and elegant. It looks like a quality product, but obviously the proof is the circus clown make up pudding that is my face. The first thing I noticed about the product is it really creamy. It feels like a moisturiser rather than a cleanser. As a result I was a bit sceptical as to whether it could handle the task. I used it over my eyes and face. It felt fine around my eyes and didn’t burn. I have semi-permanent lashes and am always very careful in between fills not to use anything too harsh that will cause me to lose lashes. This Cleansing Crème was very gentle and did not interfere with my lashes which was test one. I gently rubbed it over my face and found it felt very much like a lotion. But, when I rinsed there was not a sign of make-up left. I was actually quite shocked. Anyone who has ever witnessed my make-up regime can attest to the fact that my make-up is seriously weather proof. The fact that this product got my make-up off in one application is amazing. I normally wash my face and use a baby wipe for the remains. This time it was not necessary. Not only was my face clean, my skin felt soft and not stripped of its natural oils. I would definitely recommend this product!!


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