Resurrection Part Two

So, here I am, having agreed to be on the telly!! I saw Mr Baguley and he said through several procedures he felt he could make me “normal”. I know there are a million versions of normal out there. But, in my eyes I looked like a circus freak. I think for most people, seeing what was hiding under my clothes after losing 12 stone, they would be shocked. I looked like a melted candle, certainly not like a woman in any sense of the word.
So, following the private consultation I would find out what would actually be done on camera! Another trip to York and lots of “takes” later, I learned that I would need a tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm reduction (bingo wings removal) and breast uplift/implants. It was a lot but, I had faith it would be the start of something great. The Bagster was and is my hero. There was never a time I had any doubts about his skills or the promises he made to “fix” me.
In between the surgery I would be filmed running and doing my normal routine. On a cold September morning I had a camera man, sound man and his assistant along with a host of producers and directors in my house filming my daily routine. It was daunting, but I soon got used to having them around. They filmed my daily routines. Obviously, the show being called “My Naked Secret”, you can imagine what it was like. Mostly me in my pants talking about the intense hatred I had about my body. But, soon enough I was on my way to York for the first surgery.
The surgeries would take place over two stages. The first was my arms and boobs. I checked into The Nuffield, York and with bated breath and a film crew, I had the first part of the surgeries. I woke up from the anaesthetic feeling like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. But, ultimately was beyond excited! I stayed in hospital for three days. The difficulty in being in York meant that I would have no visitors and other then my lovely nurses not much interaction with the outside world. It was ok though. I think the underlying excitement of the journey I had embarked on was overwhelming enough to compensate for the loneliness I felt without my family being with me.  Once the healing started and I saw the results I knew it had been worth it.  I had perky and perfect boobs and for the first time in my life felt totally at ease wearing sleeveless tops.  The transformation was incredible!
I went home and tried my best to heal quickly as my next stage was not far off. The whole experience was surreal. I suppose the fact I was having all of this cosmetic surgery in public made it particularly strange. The experience was not going to be just my own. I would be sharing it with millions of people. I felt a sense of responsibility to be particular careful with my eating. I wanted to others to look to my story as one of hope. Make no mistake I have been incredibly lucky and I know that. But, I hoped I could show others what was possible.
So, as Christmas was approaching I was gearing up for the second stage. There was not much filming in the interim. It was all about preparing for the “big one”. As I again checked into the hospital I was under no illusion about what was about to happen. This was the stage that would be the most difficult. Mr Baguley had said I was the worst case he had ever seen and my thighs in particular would be very difficult to operate on as they were a total train wreck.  There were a laundry list of risks: Infection, bleeding, Asymmetry, blood clots.  Well, you get it!  It was serious.  But, you know what?  The risks were worth taking and I had every confidence in my surgeon.

But, again it was all a leap of faith…


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