Hitting the brown sauce!!

I have always loved my lighter than light skin.  I embraced my inner goth and always tried to find products that accentuated my lack of pigment.  However, over the last year something changed.  I longed to be bronze!  Maybe to much Towie or just the fact I accidentally got a tan once (long story short, never let a five year old apply your sunscreen) and all of a sudden my skin seemed to glow.  Oddly everything just looks better with a bit of bronzing.  I have quite a lot of scars as a result of my extensive plastic surgery and a tan is a great way of camouflaging them. So, as a result and because I don’t wish to look like a leather handbag I have been a big fan of the spray tan for awhile.  But, in between had some, well interesting to say the least trial and error sessions with home tanning products.  So, when I was given a box of Gorgeous Bronze Salon Tan at Home, to try I was a bit apprehensive.  I wasn’t sure about the idea of the spray.  I am very cack handed with things like this and instantly got a mental picture of me looking like a spotty oompa loompa.  But, I am an open minded woman and I suppose worse case scenario I wouldn’t leave my house for a couple days. So, after putting a towel down for what I thought would be a spray tan massacre I got to work.  The kit comes with an easy to use spray bottle and several pairs of latex gloves.  The gloves are good quality so can be used repeatedly.  As per the instructions I sprayed it over myself waiting for the disaster I was sure this would turn into.  But, I was so so wrong! It was easy to apply.  The mist was really fine and the colour of the spray was dark enough to see the areas that would need more rubbing in.  The results were instant and there was no mess!  Yup, you read that right not a single drip. After spraying I rubbed it over to make sure it was even.  It is not at all sticky and felt completely dry within 5-10 minutes.
As it developed the colour was a lovely golden bronze, not the least bit jaundiced looking and very natural.  My weird places that usually get a bit streaky like my fat knees looked perfect.  No clumpy feet and all in all a great tan! I used the medium to dark which I thought maybe to dark, but it actually worked really well.  Day 4 it still looks amazing!  Definitely a brown sauce worth trying.


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