Mix and Match

I have desperately trying to get my hands on the new “Make Up Gallery” Line from Poundland.  Finally, after weeks of un-patiently waiting my local shop finally started stocking it.  No freebies, so I obviously really wanted to try it.  So, from the bits that were left after the apparent rush to try the products I managed to get a Black Nail Varnish, Pout lipstick, black eye liner and Ivory foundation.

The nail varnish I bought in black because I do love a bit of goth.  But, also black is tricky and often if the varnish line is not particularly good the black will be the give-away.  This one was actually really good.  Quick drying and two light coats to get a nice deep black.

c  poundland varnish

The eye liner was nice for a pencil.  It goes on smoothly and is creamy enough to smudge if that’s the look you want.  The foundation is thick, but feels light.  Probably not enough coverage for me as a stand alone product.  But, with my tried and true concealer it was brilliant.  Certainly for the price you can’t fault it.  The lipstick is lovely, probably coupled with a good lip liner it would be perfect.  I am addicted to my MAC Natural lip liner for pretty much every colour.  In the photos I have Natural lip liner with Pout lipstick.  Hmmm, dramatic pause to look at what a ridiculous picture I have taken.

poubdland 5

Admittedly, because I was relying on the stock available I could not do a full face with all of the products.  However, I think make-up, much like fashion you can mix and match your lines.  A good designer piece can completely set off your outfit no matter where it comes from.  With make-up you can have your mix of MAC or whatever your chosen brand is with just about anything at it can make it “pop”.  I think the “Make Up Gallery” is a beautiful line and you could easily fill your make up bag for a tenner with some really good products.  Certainly for me the eye liner and nail varnish will be staying in my bag for awhile!

I think there are so many ways to set off your look.  I am particularly hooked on semi-perm lashes. They give the illusion of always having your “face” on.   This week I will be trading in the black lashes for coloured ones that are all the rage in America.  Stay tuned for the review at the end of the week.


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