The Big Reviv Launch Knightbridge AKA The Day I Met the Silver Fox


I was invited to the Launch of Reviv Wellness London on the 10th December.  Firstly, as this was my first “official” invitation to an industry Launch my excitement was beyond any type of containment. But, ever being the professional I tried as much as possible not to shriek when I arrived at the amazing Knightsbridge Clinic.

The clinic itself is just beautiful.  White and elegant but still looks like a medical facility.  As a health professional hygiene is something I notice and can often go amiss in cosmetic setting.  But, not here it was flawless.

The evening started with networking and champagne.  Lots and lots of champagne.  Well, probably the normal amount of champagne for such an event but, I may have been stalking the lovely young men carrying the bottles more than anyone else.


The evening was introduced by the always amazing and gorgeous Antonia Mariconda.  As with all of Antonia’s events once inside you are instantly made to feel welcome.  She is an amazing host and a credit to the beauty industry.

and and anton

We had the opportunity to meet the London Team.  They have extensive experience in the United States market where Reviv Wellness has been extremely successful.  Their flagship location at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas sees 100’s of patients every day.  Dr Hilary Jones was there as he is their Chief Medical Advisor. There were some very tough questions from the audience and I must say the Reviv team know their stuff.  They have spent millions in researching the efficacy of the products.  Although many people’s  perception of these IV infusions are about dealing with hang overs, the majority of their patients are looking for boosts in energy and genuine solutions to the dehydration that so many of us suffer from.

I asked specifically if they felt that they should be targeting patients who have had weight loss surgery.  As a previous wls patient myself, I very much understand the constant battle to keep vitamin levels up.  Part of surgery, particularly for Gastric Bypass patients is a life time of being in a state of malnutrition and at times dangerous vitamin deficiencies.  This procedure addresses many of those issues.  In fact during the Q&A I found out they did their initial trials in the UK with the vitamin infusions on weight loss surgery patients at Spire Hospitals.  I think this in particular is worth them exploring further from a marketing point of view as there is a huge number of the population that would find these treatments a necessity rather than a luxury.  I for one can’t wait to book my treatment.

I had the opportunity to meet some of their celebrity supporters, who were as enthusiastic as I was.  The absolutely ageless Anthea Turner was lovely and is certainly a testament to healthy life style.  Sinitta’s passion for the infusions was amazing and again, like Anthea appears ageless and so tiny!  Smallest waist I have ever seen, genuinely lovely.

ma and ant

I must say having only ever seen Dr Hilary on television I must admit to being a bit star struck.  He was lovely and so knowledgeable about the infusions.  I spoke to him (I am going to call him the silver fox from now btw) at length and he is genuine and down to earth and I really felt his interest in the product.  He is very much in tune with the needs of those attending the clinic and I felt very confident following our chat that this was not just a business decision for him, but a genuine passion for health and wellbeing. He is not just there to add some celeb credibility, but because he cares about the results and health of the patients that some through the door.

me an the fox

We had the opportunity to meet the medical professionals “on the ground” that are carrying out the infusions.  Everyone is very highly trained and I would not hesitate to allow any of them to cannulate me.  The clinic is of the highest hygienic standards and in the unlikely event that someone has an adverse reaction there is a highly trained medical team on site.  I would have no reservations whatsoever in being treated at this clinic and believe me the second I can get myself booked in I am so there.

For further information about the individual infusions:


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