“Rear Pressure”

I know I write a lot about our bodies and how we feel about them. I have been reading quite a lot about the #safetyinbeauty campaign.  It has really had me thinking about the danger some of us are willing to put ourselves through for our individual perception of what beauty is.

There has been a lot in the press about the controversial and extremely dangerous butt implants.  Now, I suppose we can go on an asswitch hunt to find the originator of the desire for a bottom that is completely disproportionate to one’s figure but that seems pointless.  However, there are some high profile “stars” that have embraced this with both cheeks.  You know who I mean, not necessary to spell it out.  I am all for the celebration of curves.  However, I believe what has been created is ”Rear Pressure”. Personally and I say this as someone with some junk in the trunk, albeit a lot less junk then I used to, that I actually find this look quite unattractive.  There is a massive difference between looking healthy and looking as if you have been having some sort of ass bash with Mike Tyson.  It looks unnatural unless your body is proportioned in that way.  Now as someone with breast implants I get that I may sound hypocritical.  But, young women are risking their lives for this.  Someone very local to me was, sadly the girl who lost her life in Thailand having butt implants.

I have no desire to look like Jessica Rabbit or any variation of her, real or otherwise.  I find it hypocritical as a society that as women we have been very quick to point out all the ways that make Barbie a poor role model.  Yet we bow at the well pedicured feet of some ridiculous and impossible to emulate “real” bodies.  Personally, I think Barbie in the right context is an aspirational figure.  She has even been president!!!  Never had a reality show and has chosen not to get married and concentrate on her career as an “insert this year’s job here”

I get the desire to look like whoever the latest celeb is, I really do.  I also understand everything about the desire for plastics.  But, we as women are risking everything for something that doesn’t really exist.  What we are seeing in magazines has been photos shopped to death and are not possible to emulate.

The fact is butt implants are particularly dangerous and unless you have been naturally blessed with that type of body look ridiculous. I could just be having a crazy rant.  But, seriously peeps have a look at the #Safetyinbeauty campaign.  There are some scary things going in plastics.  If you want plastics, do it for you.  Don’t let yourself be led by rear pressure.


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