Feeling Fresh!

One of the great things about having a blog is the opportunity to not only talk about the latest in beauty trends, but being able to try them for myself.  I was recently invited by the absolutely gorgeous Dr Joney DeSouza to have a look around his clinic and try some of the cutting edge treatments that are on offer.


Dr DeSouza is one of the leading aesthetic doctors in London.  So, I jumped at the chance!  In addition to the clinic he is also at the forefront in training new practitioners to carry out the many procedures available.  I knew I was in safe hands.

I was greeted by Dr DeSouza and his clinic Manager, the lovely David Waller.  They showed me to the treatment room, where I was met by Milena Naydenov who would be doing diamond point microdermabrasion and laser treatment for my irregular pigment.  Following an extensive assessment of my current health and skin concerns she outlined my problem areas.


uneven skin tone and sun spots

The microdermabrasion would gently remove the rough and damaged outer layer of the skin that hides the dead cells, trapped oils and dirt and any other impurities that modern life has thrown at my skin. The machine works as the very fine diamond tipped want scrapes off debris and the particles are sucked away from the skin by a small vacuum, leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

During the consultation they identified old sun damage from sun burns long forgotten.  Including a couple of spots that were pre-cancerous.  These would be dealt with by the laser treatment.  In addition to the sun damage I had broken capillaries around my nose and general discoloration around my hairline and cheeks.  She created a plan of action to use a combination of different laser strengths to get rid of the problem areas. Now, I know what you are thinking! LASERS ZAPPING AT MY SKIN!!  Must be painful right? Wrong, actually it never felt like more than a tiny pinch when the stronger laser was used for the broken capillaries.  I was amazed!  Even just following the treatment my skin was glowing.  Milena did warn me that it would take about a week for the full results to be seen.  Basically, all of the pigment would go darker and then flake away leaving a more even skin tone.  It was very interesting watching the spots go darker and then disappear.


Day 4 spots at their darkest and starting to flake.

I have to say on day 7 my skin is so much more even toned and really smooth.  The treatments are brilliant!  Dr De Souza’s clinic is fabulous and absolutely worth the trip to Marlybone for a beauty top-up.  I certainly look forward to another visit in the very near future!!


Day 7 broken capillaries gone!


Day 7 after all of the flaking had finished. Sun spots nearly invisible and skin feeling amazing!

If you would like more information about the treatments I had or anything else Dr De Souza offers please check out the following link:  http://www.drjoneydesouza.com/


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