Time to break up

Dear Carbs,

This is a very difficult letter to write.  But, I am afraid I can’t see you anymore.  Please do not try to stop me.  You know I love everything about you.  Your golden skin tone and the amazing way you smell. From that caramel glow you sometimes have to your beautiful full bodied durum wheat texture.  You are at times like sex on a plate.  Do you remember the week we spent in Florence?  It was all pizza and pasta, I was younger than.  Those were the good times my gorgeous Carbs.  But, there have been bad times too, like the profiterole incident.  All that pastry seemed like a lovely idea at the time, but it made me so ill.  It seems like there are more bad times than good these days.

If you really care about me, you would want me to be healthy.   I cannot resist you and that is the problem.  I know this will be a huge shock for you and I understand you are probably hurt by my words.  Please know it is not you, it is me.  I have become to dependant on you and am finding that after we have been together I become bloated and depressed.

I have an addictive personality with a particular penchant for you, my lovely Carb.  It seems I am no longer able to control myself where you are concerned.   So, it is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye for a while.  I promise to see you as soon as I feel strong enough.  But, for now I need to stop all contact with you for at least a couple of weeks.  When I am feeling better we will have a light lunch.  I will need to reintroduce you into my life slowly when the time is right.  So, I ask you for your patience during this transition.  Please remember I will always love you.




One response to “Time to break up

  1. I’ve tried this so many times without success. Good luck!!!

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