Hidden Gems

white_multi_clear_background_grandeIn February I attended the ultimate beauty event.  Professional Beauty 2015 at the Excel in London.  It is a show that brings out the biggest and the brightest that the industry has on offer.  There were the amazing displays put on by the big boys like Clarins, Fake Bake, OPI, etc.  But, tucked at the back were the up and comers.  They don’t have the big budgets and some are no more then a table display and a business plan.  That is what is so special about these events, it gives you the opportunity to see what is happening on the ground floor of beauty.

I was gifted an amazing array of products and am yet to even make a dent in trying many of them.  But, as I was going through my bag of fabulousness I came across a small jar of Terre Verdi Multitasking Cream.   I was looking for something to out on my very delicate and red skin following an intense beauty treatment.  This gorgeous balm was just the remedy.  It is gorgeous!  The texture in the jar has an almost grainy like texture.  But, when you put it on your skin it melts straight in.  You need the tiniest amount per use, so a jar would last ages.  I used it on my face, hands, feet and body.  It instantly makes your skin feel like silk.  The smell is a bit citrus and not at all overpowering.  The product is made with Calendula, Argan and Shea Butter.  This is definitely going into permanent skin rotation particularly as we come up to summer.  It would make a great after sun cream to keep your skin silky soft.


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