Hands Down, A top Discovery!


Well another year has gone by and it seems as if I have no choice but to accept the fact I am officially middle aged.  I find this particularly difficult because I felt robbed of a young adulthood by my self-imposed quarantine that results from lack of self-esteem and enduring obesity that plagued the years I should have been feeling “young, free and single”.  So, here I am at 45 trying desperately to take back the time I feel has been lost.  Sadly it appears that for all my fight I am entering the dreaded “peri menopause”. This is a time in a woman’s life her reproductive abilities drop significantly and symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats start stalking you like a predator.  As I always say I do not intend to take all this aging malarkey lying down.  I worked too hard to get the body I should have had as an 18 year old to give up now.

Inevitably all this aging means using products appropriate to my skin.  I met the people behind Stratum C skin care a few months ago at Professional Beauty.  Though it can be a bit off putting someone handing you a product that specifically says it is for menopausal skin, I resisted the urge to kick him in the crotch and walk away.

275026877Sadly, I am bang on in the middle of the product demographic.  I feel for the most part I take good care of my skin.  But, like most women my age I have made it all about the face.  I am sure you have heard people refer to celebrities like Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker as looking really young, until you see their hands.  Even women with access to the best and most expensive products forget about their hands.  So, what hope do I have? But, alas Stratum C to the rescue!  The product purports to use “a combination of 6 peptides (including Matrixyl) to replenish lost collagen and reduce existing wrinkles. Concentration of these peptides is crucial as clinical research shows that anything below 2% is ineffective. Stratum C uses the highest concentration (up to 12 times that of high street brands) which is proven to stimulate the skin to nearly double collagen production, leaving your skin looking plumper, radiant and protected against wrinkle formation.”  After prolonged use it will make your hands appear softer and smoother.  The first thing I noticed is that although the lotion looks quite thick it disappears into your skin without leaving your hands feeling greasy.  I did initially find it difficult to remember to lotion my hands; once I used it a few times it became a habit.  In fact it felt so nice on my skin that I found myself furiously searching for it in my bag as the softness that resulted was very addictive. I have now been using is for a couple of months and can honestly say there is a visible difference. My hands feel better and look plumper.  I cannot stress enough that we need to remember our hands!  I use the cream after I brush my teeth and I can say it is definitely a habit I am happy to admit to having.

You can find out more information about Stratum C from their website at: https://www.stratumc.com/home-uk


One response to “Hands Down, A top Discovery!

  1. Fantastic review and I have to say you look stunning. I totally agree that Matrixyl 3000, a collagen stimulating pepide needs to be in higher concentration. We start to loose collagen much earlier than our mid 40s so I think it would be great for this company to introduce this range for at least 35 years and above.

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