No More Muffin Topping

Shapewear?  Spanx? Girdles? Waist trainer? Cincher? Different names for the various torture devices we women subject ourselves to in the name of sucking in that gut and taming the varying degrees of muffin top we suffer from.

cynosureI admit to owning every single one of these garments with mixed results. The jury is out on whether the sweaty workout of tucking your rolls into the pants and pinching bruises from the hundreds of hook and eye clasps is worth it.  But, is there an alternative to banishing the muffin top?  I was invited to Nova Aesthetic Clinic in Greenwich for a treatment that promises just that!

The Nova LipoFreeze is a non-invasive technique using state of the art equipment that according to the claim will literally freeze your fat away.  This technique can be used anywhere on the body to sculpt and tone away your unwanted bulgy bits within weeks.  For men it can even be used to sort out your moobs!

Nova Aesthetics Clinic is a beautiful state of the art clinic in the heart of  trendy and historic Greenwich. So, you can have some serious retail therapy following a treatment.   It is favoured by many VIP clients as it is discreet and private with the most advanced treatments including all the latest and greatest in plastic surgery offered by Professor Baruffaldi.

I saw their award winning therapist Stefania who was absolutely amazing.  It can sometimes be a bit daunting taking your various flaps and folds out in front of a stranger.  But, she made me feel at ease straight away.  The treatment involved putting gel over my muffin top, which to be honest had become more of a wedding cake since Christmas.  That’s a lie!!  There is no excuse, I just fell off the wagon and it ran over me repeatedly!



Stefania first applies a conductive gel to the area being treated and then the machine is attached.  It is a very powerful suction that once attached sucks in your wobbly bit and then cools it to roughly 3 degrees centigrade.  It is totally painless and actually once your bits have been cooled the area goes numb and you can relax with a magazine for 45 minutes whilst the magic happens.  Following the treatment my (insert giant cake metaphor here) felt cold to the touch.  But, other than that I had no adverse reaction.

The cooling process causes the fat cells to be destroyed.  They are then metabolised by your liver and excreted the way any other foreign material would be.  The treatment has been FDA approved for over 10 years and is a viable and less expensive alternative to more invasive treatments.




Within 2-3 weeks after the treatment the average patient can expect to see a 20-40% reduction in fat.  For optimum results a series of treatments is recommended.  I had a visible reduction in my waist with a loss of two inches.   It is certainly a great option alongside a healthy diet to get rid of those stubborn areas that are so difficult to shift.  It works particularly well with a follow-up treatment of LPG endormologie massage, which I will be having very soon.  So, stay tuned for the update.


Chilling during the treatment!

Nova Aesthetics Clinic is generously giving a special discount exclusively to my followers.  When you book your first visit, you can choose from their extensive menu of treatments and receive 20% off if you mention my blog.  You can also get the Nova LipoFreeze at the exclusive price of £200 for the first treatment area instead of £390. This offer is for new customers only.


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