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  1. crogirl

    Hy :)) I’m not satisfied with my body and weight. I would like to lose approximately 4-8 kilos, I can take care about food and drink but dont have to much time for workout cause I spend 8hours a day at school and other time I learning. How did you make your dream come true, what have you been eating and is it important to move and workout(if it is which one?) ? I hope you will answer and help me :)) thanks

    • For me I think the working out has been really important. I started running and that made all the difference. I think when you are physically invested in your health it makes you think twice about what you are eating. I definitely understand where you are coming from about time to workout. But, that is the beauty of running. You can get up 15 earlier in the morning and have run. I work full time and have five year old twins. The only way for me to fit it is was to get up earlier. As far as the food aspect, I try to eat clean as much as possible. I keep myself full with veg. There is a great book called “A Pound of Cure”. I can’t recommend it enough.

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